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Where O’ Where….

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Looking back for the leg…

Could my little leg have gone?  The last two weeks have had its ups and downs with Tahoe.  On the one hand, he is fully back to being “himself” – socialite, kisser and snuggler!   So much so that he has resumed what I call the ‘Pyreneesan Standoff’.  For those that know Pyrs, you know exactly what I am talking about.  For those that don’t, well let’s just say Pyrs can be a bit hard headed when they want to do what they want to do.  For Tahoe, this is when we are out for a walk.  He wants to go one direction (I’m sure b/c there is something in that direction he cannot live w/o peeing on) and I want to go another direction (b/c I have to limit him until he is stronger).  Let the ‘stand-off’ begin!  He has now figured out that he can either sit or lay down and I gladly give him the break.  But o’boy!  once he stands up again, the stand-off resumes.  How is this still happening with a three-legged pup?!  🙂

Notice my Tripawds bandana?

 On the other hand, we are dealing with phantom limb pain in a pretty major way.  The occasional whine I wrote about before turned into full on whimpering, whining, then a yelp.. then a bark.  Its heart breaking, sad, and maddening all at the same time.  Those big brown eyes looking at us so longingly just melts the soul.  What has been working?  Distractions.  Me sitting on the floor with him, talking to him, petting him, brushing him, keeping the fur between his pads nice and short.  In the middle of the night – a hug quiets him – but then it all resumes the minute I try to go back to bed.  What else works? Car rides, car rides and more car rides. He doesn’t play with toys so we don’t have that option as a distraction either.  Chewing a bone works.. but you just cannot give a dog THAT many bones!  Plus, they don’t even make that many bones.    Our vet also mentioned that getting another pet can help as a distraction. OMG… seriously he did not just say that to me.  I now have a 3-legged Pyr who preferred to be the only dog in the first place and you think I should get another pet?  I don’t think so. And either does our itty bitty 5lb kitty, who herself only has ½ a tail. (Yes, I have a cat with ½ a tail and a dog with ¾ of his legs. My husband says I’ll take anything in off the streets, including him. 🙂 )

Enough pictures already mom!!

  In the meantime, our vet prescribed Gabapentin and Tramadol.  We started with 400mg of Gabapentin (which did nothing after the initial dose).  We then added the Tramadol and increased the Gabapentin to 600mg.  Success! We all got 4.5 hours of sleep that night.  You can imagine what it must have been like when 4.5 hours seemed ‘long”.  Well, that success was short lived, and by short, I mean that night only.  We then increased the Tramadol to two tablets per the vet’s instructions, and kept the Gabs at 600.  He took a nap for a ½ hour, and again, no sleep for anyone.  But last night, 600mg Gabs and 2 Tramadol did the trick!  8 FULL HOURS OF SLEEP!  Sleep, glorious sleep! Of course I didn’t get as much as he did.. I kept checking to see if he was breathing… Could all this sleep really be happening?   The vet mentioned this can last 3-4 weeks.  Really? 3-4 days seemed long and he is telling me I might have 3 more weeks of this?  That’s a lot of car rides and a very shiny coat!   Did I mention ‘Car rides’?  I’m fortunate my husband likes taking him for car rides too.  (That mini-van sure is coming in handy!)

I’m big and I know it.

 I did manage to give him a bath though! Well, most of him is clean anyway.  He was due for one the weekend the accident happened, and now 4 weeks past…well, lets just say that while Pyrs have really great coats that somehow stay clean with brushing, Tahoe needed a freshening.  Luckily we have a large walk in shower with a slate (non-slipping) floor, and a shower head on a hose.  I went in with him in my bathing suit.  The washing and rinsing was quick, I could easily avoid his scar, and I never did get the tail. But he now smells so great and I know it makes him feel better too.  

 That is where we are right now.  We know it gets easier, and it is getting easier. And he is getting stronger and adapting well. We’d prefer the phantom pains to end sooner rather than later of course; we know they will subside. Otherwise he is just doing great – learning the art of 3 long pees instead of 73 short squirts on every shrub in town.  Eating and drinking normally – which also makes him a pooping champ!  And we sure do love the fuzzy butt! 

This Thanksgiving we know what we are very thankful for.  🙂

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3 Responses to “Where O’ Where….”

  1.   samdog Says:

    What a beautiful boy! Did I understand that you bought a mini van tor him while he was in the hospital? Absolutely, delightfully amazing. Such dedication to our pups should never surprise me. Though I admit I fretted immensely about getting my 85 pounder (down to 75! Woohoo!) in and out of the car, buying a new car didn’t occur to me. How big is Tahoe?


    It sounds like hes getting the hang of it which is great. Keep it up big guy!

    •   tahoe Says:

      Hi! We did buy a mini-van for him while he was in the hospital. It has been amazingly helpful for all of us. Tahoe is 110 lbs and I knew there would be no easy way to get him in and out of the SUV without injury to either of us. It was really helpful initially when he couldnt turn around easily…in one side and out the other! And the remote door openers are a god send. He is doing well although admittedly the whining from the phantom leg pain can take a toll on us at times. Did your guy go through that?

  2.   April Says:

    Glad to hear that Tahoe is doing better. Please keep everyone updated on his progress. Sending Pyr hugs and healing prayers to you and Tahoe

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